China job web-sites

You may find vacancies in China through classical job-seeking services (you shall know English or Chinese language for that):

Chinajob.com is the most powerful player in Chinese headhunting. It is sponsored by Information Research Center of International Talents (SAFEA) which main purpose is to study foreign job markets.

The leading job site for foreigners in China — eChinacities.com. From the moment of its launching eChinacities.com became popular among immigrants, who live and work here, and also among foreign guests, who travel to China for business and vacation. 
Here you can find a lot of useful information on 41 Chinese cities and towns, articles on life and trips in China, and also China job board. eChinacities.com is financed by private organizations and it is not supported by the State. 

Jobright (China) Human Resources (Headhunter) Co., Ltd, was established in 2005. It is specialized in headhunting and recruitment professional services and offers you the following Internet source Chinaheadhunte. On this website you can submit your CV or find vacancies in China. The company is specialized in directional poaching for international corporations as well. 

The most popular employment web-site in China Zhaopin is only in Chinese language and offers vacancy in Chinese.

The web-site No. 1 in Singapore Jobstreet allows to select vacancies in China. The website will also help to select and exchange information on possible employment between job seekers and job offers in Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, Indonesia and Vietnam.  

What are vacancy aggregators? Aggregators don’t have their own data base, they collect information on vacancies in China from other various portals, like Chinajobs and other Internet recruitment leaders. When you get search results, you can see the logo of the web-site, where the job offer has been posted.