Applying for a visa via SkillSelect system

If you have already chosen a visa for occupation migration and have prepared the required documents, you can apply for a visa (in English: express interest “Expression of Interest”. The application is submitted in real time via SkillSelect system. There is no fee to create and submit an application. Via VISA FINDER you can decide which visa is more suitable for you.

Within “Occupation Migration” programs based on scoring you will be assigned a ranking depending on the points score: for detailed information see how points are calculated. You can apply for a visa (to express interest) without even gaining a passing score, but in this case you will not receive a final immigration permit at the third stage. After submitting the application, you will see the number of your points, however you will not be able to find out your ranking. This is due to the fact that the ranking is constantly changing as new visa applications appear and are deleted in the SkillSelect system.

Visa application validity period

From the moment of submission, the application is stored in SkillSelect system and it is valid for two years. A partially filled, but created account will also be stored for two years, but it will not be possible to obtain a final visa permit. Applications that do not meet SkillSelect conditions can be deleted from the system at any time. SkillSelect will calculate your points, check you for compliance with the requirements and send you the result. After the application submitting, you will be able to find out for what criteria and what points score you were you given.

Is it possible to make changes to the visa application?

You may log in with your account at any time and update your details. This may be necessary when gaining new work experience, higher qualifications, when improving the level of English language and/or changes in your family composition. When submitting updated information that may affect the points or the degree of the application completion, SkillSelect will automatically update your ranking and increase the possibility of obtaining permission of applying for a visa. Please note that the information you provided in the application will be attached to your visa application. If you have provided incomplete, incorrect or inaccurate information in the application, you may be refused a visa. After you get a visa permit, having scored a passing score and getting into the quota of the current round, it will be too late to update the information.

What is the “current round”?

The current round is the selection high-ranked applicants according to the number of points as of the next following selection date. Rounds are held twice a month, the date of each round is announced in advance. In October 2016, the maximum number of visa permits was as follows:

What is a “quota”?

For visas of occupation immigration programs to Australia, quotas are applied for the calculation of points. A quota is a limit on the issuance of permits for each occupation. The introduction of quotas does not apply to the following visas: “Nomination from State or territory”, “Employer sponsorship” or “Business innovation and Investment”.
These groups include:
— Business and system analysts in the field of information technology,
— Programmers and developers,
— Accountants.